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November 23, 2010
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Car-Arcee MKII by Th4rlDEAL Car-Arcee MKII by Th4rlDEAL
see artist's commentary and original line art here: [link]

A. RC-687-040 aka: "ARCEE".

Having no name, and no documented serial number, little is known about the subject save that she was found in a sealed laboratory with no discernable purpose. It would appear that the events surrounding her discovery seem to be tied to the deaths of five Hazardous Disposal Techs and two Elite Guard officers and may relate to the reason a young Guard officer named Ironhide resigned his position around the same time.
Nothing is known for sure as the documentation of the incident is still sealed and unavailable for review.

What little is known about her has been observed since her incarceration:

Among a species known for adaptability and resilience she is extremely capable of both. Her system is also monstrously efficient about energy consumption and she seems to have an unnatural propensity for consuming incompatible fuel sources and resisting and repairing physical Trauma.
She has also been seen to perform feats of strength well outside her size class.

If she has a weakness it is most likely her personality; while she is capable of being a model prisoner and an observant, clever individual she is sometimes given to childish behavior and violent outbursts. The reasons behind these episodes seem to range broadly from negative interactions with other prisoners to a vague desire to be spiteful.

Ultimately the evidence points to a Level 9 threat classification, with Permanent Incarceration strongly reccomended.

B. For close to mid range fire fights, ARCEE is armed with a pair of belt fed SMGs for accelerated fire rate. The ammo is dispensed from a pair of small drums on her back, apparently negating the need to reload during combat.
Rumor has it that the SMGs can also be reconfigured to fire scatter rounds, though this has neither been observed nor substantiated.

C. Referred to colloquially as "The Hand-Cannon" this particular handgun fires rounds of a caliber normally reserved for weapons on much larger bots. Her ability to wield it effectively is a testament to her prowess, particularly considering that she also loads it with custom high-power ammunition.
Recommendation: If subject is seen wielding this weapon, exercise greater caution and be careful where you choose to take cover.

D. ARCEE's primary melee weapon, "The Can Opener" actually consists of two seperate and individually deployable blades. While the larger blade is better suited for head to head combat, the smaller one in the heel of her hand is ideal for assassinations... or at least it would be if she knew the meaning of the word "Stealth".

E. While brute force seems to be ARCEE's favored style, she seems to enjoy mixing strength with high mobility techniques. As such she generally opts to keep a pair of wheels from her respective vehicle mode available for use on her legs to increase her movement speed during combat. It should be reiterated to exercise extreme caution if confrontation with the subject ever arises.

Transformers and all related characters are of Hasbro.

Art and design by me DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!
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